Mr Color SM204 Super Stainless

Mr Color SM204 Super Stainless

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The Super Metallic series of hobby paints is a very new range new metallic paint, which utilises high class, fine metallic particles to obtain a superior finish to other metallic paints.

The base material used is the same as that used for Mr.Color.

Use Mr.Color Levelling Thinner for paint dilution and airbrush painting.

For airbrush painting, dilute paint with thinner in a ratio of 1 part paint to 1 to 2parts thinner (excluding SM08).
To seal the paint finish, coat use Super Clear, Super Clear UV Cut or Top Coat (excluding SM206 and SM08).
Tips On The Use of Mr Super Metallic Paints:

For SM206, be sure to apply Mr.Color Black (gloss) as a base coat color before painting in order to give the best metallic touch.

In the case of SM206 and SM08, sealers cannot be applied over the painted surface, as it dulls the color of the paint surface.

Fine metallic particles in the paint tend to settle easily, so stir Mr.Super Metallic Paint well when thinning or even during painting.

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